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Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine Repair

Washing machines have made life so much easier! Long gone are the days where you need to have a large tub of water and a washing board, spending hour after hour just scrubbing cloth against cloth. However, with great convenience comes great responsibility. 

Washing machines tend to be expensive and if you want to get the most out of your investment for the longest possible time, it’s vital that you take care of your washing machine. Not only does this include maintenance and upkeep, which we’ll discuss in a minute, but it also includes calling the right people when your washing machine does require repair.

Philadelphia Washing Machine Repair Services

At Philadelphia Appliance Repair Pro, our washing machine technicians are some of the best in the business. All of our team members are professionally trained and are proficient when it comes to all types of washing machines including top-loading, front-loading and compact units. Our technicians are also not restricted by brand and model. Regardless of what type of washing machine you own, if you are in need of local washing machine repair services, we are sure to have a prompt and ready solution for you.

Washing Machine Troubleshooting

When you call us, just tell us the make and model and the exact issue you’re experiencing. Sometimes, simple troubleshooting can fix the problem. This is why you should have an idea of the inner workings of your washing machine which can help to give you a general idea of what is causing the problem. For example, if your water isn’t draining, it might be because the drain is clogged rather than there being an issue with the pump.

Similarly, if you’re not getting cold or hot water, it could be because your valves aren’t turned all the way through or there could be a sediment buildup blocking water from getting through. This is why you should keep the area around your washing machine free of dust and regularly clean out the drain and pipes. Philadelphia Appliance Repair Pro also offers maintenance services which will periodically ensure that all of your pipes and drains are in working order and that there are no clogs or sediment build-up.

Washing Machine Repair

However, sometimes your washing machine repair needs could be because of a fault in a component. If there’s no spin, it could be because of a worn-out belt or faulty motor. Alternatively, it could also be because of a fault in the lid switch or solenoid. If you’re seeing spots on your clothes, it could be because oil is leaking into the wash cycle from one of the components. For these issues, you will need to call a professional.

You could choose to go the DIY route but washing machine repair involves a lot of moving parts and one error can mean an even bigger repair bill. Rather than risk your washing machine and your own safety, call us for a ready solution! 

Philadelphia Appliance Repair Pro – We’ve Got Your Back!

Regardless of what washing machine problem you might be encountering, at Philadelphia Appliance Repair Pro, our professional and proficient washing machine repair technicians can fix any issue at affordable prices. We also offer repair and maintenance services for other household appliances including dryers, refrigerators, and stoves.

For top-quality reliable service at affordable rates, Philadelphia Appliance Repair Pro is who you should call for all of your appliance repair and maintenance needs.